Leonardo DiCaprio to Kiss Armie Hammer, Says Clint Eastwood

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Leonardo DiCaprio has hot kissing scenes in his next movie, the biopic “J. Edgar” —with another man. “It’s not a kissing scene—it’s a ton of kissing scenes” says Armie Hammer, the other actor involved. The two men met for the first time this week. Imagine what they discussed. Probably everything but the touchy topic.

“I’m so excited to work with Clint,” Hammer goes on, as reported by E!Online. Clint Eastwood is the director, famous for his fast-paced, make-it-happen directing style. Sounds like the right approach for this film, which may show us all sides of J. Edgar Hoover, the long-time head of the FBI, that we didn’t really want to know. The pFile:LeonardoDiCaprioNov08.jpgroject is Eastwood’s baby, and he means to get it right.  Hoover had a male lover/assistant, in an affair that ran on for decades.

But Leonardo DiCaprio, who somewhat resembles a younger, fitter J. Edgar Hoover than the frog-like face of so many photographs, complete with cigar, will make or break the movie. And did you ever know Leo to break one? Word has it the film covers a lengthy time period, with aging makeup planned, so Leo may still get to look like a frog, before itÂ’s over.

Naomi Watts has been cast as the long time, long suffering secretary—the one who burns all the secret files at the end. But Armie Hammer has the lover role, which has not won Clint Eastwood any new fans among FBI agents. All things considered, Leonardo DiCaprio has his hands full. “J. Edgar” looks to be a movie to remember. Stay tuned.

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