Lesbian Amber Heard Shames Closeted Homosexual Actors

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Sapphic sex symbol Amber Heard thinks it’s still the 1950s. She’s now bragging about her courage for revealing her lesbian lifestyle, despite no one really caring about sexual preference anymore.

But the starlet, who is known more for looking like Scarlett Johansson than her acting, is calling out closeted gay celebrities, according to idontlikeyouinthatway.com.

“It requires bravery to do something no one else around you is doing. But the risk was outweighed by the possibility of playing into this horribly detrimental lie that some in Hollywood perpetuate,” the blond stunner said at a recent GLAAD event while accompanied by her lover, Tasya van Ree.

Obviously, her gayness hasn’t hurt her career, so how gutsy was it truly? It’s not 1955 anymore. And, bravery is parachuting from of a Chinook helicopter over Helmand Province, not announcing to the world you’re into other chicks.

Heard recently starred with Johnny Depp in The Rum Diaries, and portrayed a bunny in an ill-fated television program about the Playboy Club during the 1960s.

Nevertheless, it’s none of her business if other stars are public about their sexuality. And, frankly, considering Heard’s low place in the Hollywood firmament, she’s getting a little big for her britches.

Amber Heard

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