Lesbians Beat Boston Gay Man—Now Charged With Hate Crimes

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Three lesbians beat a gay man so savagely at a train station in Boston, they are now charged with hate crimes, police say.

This shocking case should expose the inanity of these absurd laws. Is it bigotry if the victim is from the same protected class as the perpetrator? Is it possible to hate a member of your own subculture or ethnic class?

Coincidentally, this arrest comes while Dharun Ravi is on trial in New Jersey, charged with bullying gay Rutgers University student Tyler Clementi into committing suicide.

Felicia Stroud

Of course, no straight, white male is ever on the receiving end of a hate crime, right? These laws are always selectively applied, aren’t they?

The three lesbians, Erika and Felicia Stroud, and Lydia Sanford, went ballistic Sunday, and pummelled a man when he bumped them with his backpack at a train station, according to the Boston Herald.

“Someone who is Jewish can be anti-Semitic,” said ACLU attorney Sarah Wunsch.

But, can lesbians hate gay men? Should we now separate homosexual men and women into distinct protected classes of Americans?

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