Letchworh State Park (series I)


(Western New York)

All photos ©2009 Robert C Burnham


Series I: Expeditious Drive-By



I will always maintain that I was fortunate to grow up in New England, more precisely, among the rolling green mountains, crystal clear rivers and majestic shoreline of the relentless North Atlantic.  Each season, so prominently displayed in all its associative glory, as our creator intended.  To be raised within such natural beauty would have been enough but my fortuitous heritage with nature was not confined entirely within the borders of New England.  Each year, almost without pause, my family would spend a week in western New York in an area known as ‘Letchworth Country’.  A visit to Letchworth Country will place you in the heart of three of New York State’s most diversified vacation regions, Finger Lakes, Niagara Frontier and Chautaugua-Allegheny.  An area I returned to this month in an effort to settle my oft-traveled bottom.


Letchworth State Park, with some of the most magnificent scenery in the United States, comprises over 14000 acres along the Genesee River.  Within the park, the river roars over three major waterfalls, one of which is 107 feet high with some of their adjoining cliffs rising over 600 feet from the gorge below. 


A multi-faceted park, Letworth offers opportunities for a wide variety of interests.  Millions of years of geological history can be observed in the rock formations exposed by erosion.  The region’s rich heritage of the Seneca Indians is well-documented throughout the park with displays, a restored Seneca council house and the grave of Mary Jemison, known as the ‘white woman of the Genesee’.


It is my intention and desire, over an indeterminate amount of time to bring to you, dear reader, Letchworth State Park and all its natural glories.  And I will begin with this quick photographic drive-by as an introduction.  From start to finish, I completed this photo-essay in a little over two hours driving north to south through the park with a couple of brief foot sojourns.  Unfortunately, your regular tour guide Streaker was unavailable for this introductory piece as she recuperates from her fall into this mighty gorge.  Her eventual full recovery is expected and she would like me to extend a sincere thank you for all your prayers.  Come, let’s enjoy the park…..
































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