Let's make fun of the white guy

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Let’s make fun of the white guy.

“Oh no he didn’t!” my friend Carla said when a comedian made fun of the flatness of Asians’ butts.  She got angry and changed the channel immediately and continued to rant for a good thirty minutes afterwards.

I thought it was funny but kept quiet in avoidance of getting a tongue lashing.  Not long after this we went to see a live comic in downtown Atlanta and had a ball.  The comedian started off making jokes about black women (he was of African decent), then ranted about white men for another set.  My friend Carla laughed so hard she almost spit up her mojito.

While channel surfing and seeing one sitcom after another, there was a pervasive theme in all of them.  Make fun of the white guy.  I must admit I laughed, the jokes were funny.  But then one after another it was again ‘make fun of the white guy’ and I started to wonder, what do white men think about this?

Hey there, you’re a white guy, so open season to you!  That’s the message I was getting from main stream media.  I’m not talking about the HBO or Comedy Central specials, I’m talking about what’s on network television. 

If you are a white guy:

1.) You’re dumber than your wife
2.) You are less attractive than your wife
3.) You fumble through life
4.) You’re just a kid and someone has to raise you
5.) You’re going to cheat
6.) You can’t dance
7.) You’re not hip
8.) What you got, you got because it was handed to you
9.) You have no ambition and you don’t care about anything but food and sports
10.) You have a target on your chest that says “Make fun of me make fun of me. Puleeease.”

In many situations these themes are funny.  I chuckle watching shows like King of Queens, Everyone Loves Raymond and so forth.  But my question is why is okay in everyday life to poke fun at the white guy and no one is suppose to be offended but making fun of any other ethnic/cultural group you’re walking the line of being a racist/bigot/oppressor?

I say it should be open season for all.  Sure make fun of the white guy, but if someone makes fun of your difference you shouldn’t take any more offense than you would expect from white man to.  Now I’m not talking about hate speeches or jokes that truly pass the line of racism, like a recent post I read about a redneck girl killing an Iraqi and a Mexican because of their ethnic heritage. 

I don’t think we should be protecting a group because of their race/heritage etc.  Free and equality for all.  By segregating who we can make fun of and who we can’t, we’re just widening the existing gap.  Why can’t a white guy be on stage making fun of the flatness of Asians’ butt without ahem an Asian person getting her panties in a bunch, even it’s fine for her to make ‘cracker’ jokes?  The white male is the only group where we can all make fun of and expect him to laugh with us.  It should be that way all around.  We should all be able to laugh at ourselves. 

The jokes on us.

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