Letter to my Mother: A world without Sin

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Letter to my Mother : A World without Sin

The ladder prolong the unique sensation of a black hole, losing my mind as I walk through the Valley of death, shadows constantly chasing me through the temple, spiral linage sitting at the edge Of heaven, I think we can make a connection between the portals of another world, secret of Paradise hidden inside God’s house, I almost encounter freedom seeking meditation all the way to ancient times, I often wonder about the beginning, see my mother with a familiar solitude but We don’t know why she gave me up so soon, it was only five when I lost her facial illumination, I Hold on to the last tear of her essence she walks away from my soul, after that pain was my Companion of choice, somewhere between fear and anger I found myself seeking a way out, Hatred boiled Inside of me, we always talk about the love of your life can not wait for a whisper Of Passion though clouds, immediately my father took me away causing her pain to unveil right In front of my feet, I can hear her screams,” give me back my son” special sound the voice of Anguish Mother, can you imagine my soul shaping the rest of my life, and the vision began to Hunt me through my youth, I solicited wisdom through lust of her eyes; I can sit here and tell You more about the sadness of my heart, bringing back my insecurities, I die instantly, at that Moment, I Called those memories pain bottled up inside a fist, once I was raised to be an outcast Through Ages the oppression of the one you love, I said how can he be my father when his fist Touch me softly braking the inner sanctum of my existence, I was lost without you.


Rony Joseph   (EH)


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