Letters for Sen. Richard Shelby and Pres. Obama Intercepted: Tested Positive for Poison Ricin

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A letter sent to Sen. Richard Shelby has led to the evacuation of Senate office buildings. Additionally, letters intended for President Obama and Senator Roger Wicker tested positive for Ricin.

The New York Post reports that “Capitol Police confirmed today that they are investigating two suspicious items and are ‘controlling access’ to parts of two Senate office buildings and the Capitol.” Christopher Bedford of the Daily Caller reported that the affected buildings “house over 1,000 people and contain the offices of senators as well as their extensive staffs.” In the case of Roger Wicker, Sen. Claire McCaskill said there was a suspect in the case who “writes a lot of letters to members,” but little information has been divulged by officials. Were the letters sent to Sen. Richard Shelby and President Obama from the same person(s) who sent the letter to Senator Wicker?

In the wake of the Boston Marathon explosions on Monday that killed three and injured well more than 100 innocent people, the suspicious letters bring to mind the envelopes containing Anthrax that rocked America after the September 11th terror attacks, which killed five people and was attributed to Bruce Ivins, PhD.

Are the letters related to the Boston Marathon bombings? If so, was the culprit(s) related to Patriot Day, as has been suggested by many pundits, such as Wolf Blitzer, college professors, and news articles? If a right-wing person or group was behind the explosions, it is odd that the perpetrator(s) would target the Boston Marathon.

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