‘Leverage’ Season 4 Finale Recap: Last Dam Job

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Season 4 of Leverage ended last night on TNT with a great finale, where Nate and his team recruited some old friends and foes to take down Latimer and another enemy from the past, Victor Dubenich.

It was extremely fun and refreshing to watch Mr. Quinn (Clayne Crawford), Chaos Mason (Wil Wheaton), and Archie Leach (Richard Chamberlain) joining their forces together with the squad. Also, a nice surprise was Nate’s ex-wife, Maggie (Kari Matchett), who returned briefly.

Eliot recruited Quinn promising him money and a favor; Parker pickpocketed Archie, his daughter and granddaughter; and Hardison found Chaos with his suitcase already packed.

(L-R) Parker, Sophie, Nate, Eliot and Hardison – Photo: TNT/Mercedes Heinila

First off, Nate pays a visit to Dubenich in jail. They have a serious conversation, and Dubenich tells Nate it’s time for him to face the consequences of playing judge and jury with people’s lives. He adds that losing “your business, your possessions, your name” makes a man kill. Nate reminded him he wouldn’t be nice to him next time they met.

Back to this week’s mission, Parker breaks into Latimer’s office with Hardison’s help who hacked the door keypad. Soon, though, Latimer’s head of security detects Hardison’s software and discovers that both Eliot and Parker are in the building. Parker, resourceful as usual, finds a way to get out of the building and lands on Hardison’s van, while Eliot uses a couple of fire extinguishers to put down a few thugs on his way out.

The first thing Dubenich goes for, once he’s out of prison, is Nate’s apartment, only to find out no one was there anymore. The squad moved their headquarters, much to Hardison’s excitement, to a bat cave. After the new “recruits” were in, they all sat down and planned the job. Their aim was shutting down Latimer’s dam and its facilities.

Setting the plan in motion, Eliot and Hardison, although disguised at the dam, are soon recognized, and they only have time to dump a bag full of mussels into the system which would destroy it if it spread. They manage to escape, and the dam is immediately shut down for a year to be cleaned. Chaos and Quinn attempt to work together and try to improvise, but end up arguing while Chaos tried to explain Quinn how they were going to break into the computer. They fail, and the only way to get out of there was jumping into the river.

It’s Archie’s turn to show his skills. He wheels a huge cake—with Parker inside—at an event. A very important and valuable item was at the event, the emperor sword. Archie makes a smooth move, and the power goes out. He then switches the sword with a smaller one, which had a bomb in its handle. Once the power is on again, Dubenich takes the sword to Latimer’s vault which blows up afterwards.

Meanwhile, Latimer is supposed to fly to DC and Sophie wants to join him, but she’s led away by Dubenich and his men. Maggie, Nate’s ex-wife, has a tête-à-tête with Latimer. She later joins Sophie and they both meet with Nate. As Sophie leaves them alone, Nate assures Maggie that nothing happened between him and Sophie while they were married. Maggie brought up the name of Jim Sterling and her attraction to him.

Back to the culprits, the next time Dubenich calls Latimer he finds him in Cayman Islands, drugged. When Latimer looks into his suitcase, all the values from his vault are in there, so that it looks like he’s on the run. The news start reporting Latimer’s scams, and Dubenich attempts to transfer Latimer’s funds into his account. Unfortunately for him, Nate’s team already took those funds themselves.

Dubenich finds the dam patent, the same one Nate’s father found in the last week’s episode. Now Nate is out on his own to get Dubenich. The team tries to stop him from doing something foolish, blinded by his anger.

At the power plant, Dubenich follows Nate and shoots him in his shoulder. Nate had his father’s gun with him, and he put five bullets in it. Dubenich, on the other hand, runs out of bullets. Here they are, face to face. The moment of the truth. Nate backs him towards the edge of the dam. Dubenich tries to save himself by throwing Latimer under the bus. Nate is not sure who to start with. He still has five bullets in his gun. He turns around and sees Eliot, Parker, Sophie, and Hardison. Then he slowly turns back, takes a few steps, puts the gun down between Latimer and Dubenich, and leaves. The two men struggle to get it and fall over the edge.

Back to his team, Nate decides it’s time to make some changes in his life. As he kisses Sophie, Hardison, and Eliot fight over keeping the cave.

It’s been a nice ending to a season in which Nate, Sophie, and Parker find some sort of an emotional closure, leaving the door open to future adventures in Season 5 when they will be providing Leverage again.

“Let’s go break the law,” says Nate in the end.

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