‘Leverage’ Season 5 Episode 2 Recap: The Blue Line Job

Leverage opens with a young man, Danny, begging the team to help him save his father from himself. His father, Craig, is a minor league hockey player with the Otters and suffers from what Danny believes is concussion syndrome, a neurological condition that can result in brain damage or death. He further believes that the team doctors are hiding the information and allowing him to play because it financially benefits the Otters. There are two games left in the season and Danny fears that his father will not survive.

Nate goes to the hockey rink and introduces himself as Eliot’s agent and cons, with the help of Harbison, team owner Pete Rising into accepting Eliot as a new team player. Eliot goes in undercover as a player from Canada named Jack. Jack quickly becomes a star on the ice when his aggressive attempts to protect Craig from sustaining further injuries. Craig is fighting this and lets it slip in anger that he thinks Eliot is trying to cut in on his “bonus.”

Meanwhile, Parker accesses Craig’s medical records and she finds out that he is in far more danger than even Danny realized. Later, Harbison and Sophie break into the team owners office to check out the financial files. They find out that Craig is due a bonus if he plays every game that season. It also turns out that the team owner has placed a bounty on Craig. He’s paying the members of other teams to attack Craig in the hopes of injuring him enough to cause him to give up the bonus.

Sophie set up a con using an old partner, a famous Russian hockey player, Vladimir Busiak. Nate takes him to the ice rink during hockey practice to arouse Rising’s curiosity. Rising quickly figures out what Nate and Vlad are up to and that they are creating a World Hockey Team (Thanks to Harbison flooding the Internet with fake information.) Rising wants in on the action. He’s allowed a buy in of $500,000 and agrees to it. The next morning he decides against it, claiming that Nate, Sophie and Vlad would attempt to push him out later. He also claims that the team is broke and he’s filing for bankruptcy. The truth is that he’s afraid of an audit as he’s been stealing from the team.

Harbison is able to track the money down and Parker and Nate figure out how Rising will launder it: He will send it to the bank as though it were ticket sales, making the money perfectly clean when he files for bankruptcy. Because Parker is so adept at theft, she understands how the particular lock box works and she and Harbison steal the money before it can get to the bank. Using high-powered magnets, they prevent the lock box from moving and while the security team is trying to move the box Harbison cuts into it from below and takes the money.

Back on the ice, Eliot ends up in the penalty box. When Craig attempts to pick a fight on the ice, no one will fight him. In flashbacks you learn that Eliot was telling everyone he went after how seriously ill Craig is and that the next shot could paralyze or kill him. After realizing no one will fight, he resumes playing hockey and scores the winning goal for the team.

The end of the show is back on the ice. Rising knows that Nate set up the theft but can’t do anything about it. As Nate is talking to him the entire Otters team surrounds Rising on the ice and Nate forces him to sign over ownership of the team to the team members. Nate then gives Craig a check for the $500,000 stolen from the lock box. The last scene is of Craig acting as team coach with his son Danny by his side and the Leverage team watching from the bleachers.

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