‘Leverage’ Season 5, Episode 5 Recap: The Gimme a K Street Job

The 5th episode of ‘Leverage’ opens with a tragic accident that leaves a young high school cheerleader paralyzed after a fall on mats that were too thin to provide adequate protection. Her coach is fired for raising the safety issues. The coach turns to the team fo help in protecting the cheerleaders from the poor safety standards rampant in the cheerleading world.

The team sends Parker in as the coach and the rest of the team attempts to get a law passed that would regulate the safety standards by going to Congress. What at first seems to be a simply job of bringing awareness to the matter turns into back door deals and congressional double talk.

Sophie is trying to wrangle a vote and has to jump from character to character to appease one group after another. Hardison gets a crash course in money being held that is not being used but must stay in archaic funds due to antiquated laws.

The team discovers that the woman who is running the cheerleading company is attempting to buy the company but is having trouble finding the money. If the law is passed quickly, before she buys the company she stands to lose a lot of money. If it passes after she assumes ownership then she could make a fortune.

When she realizes that Nate and Eliot are working on a key congressman she makes the man an offer he can’t refuse, a scholarship named after him that highlights his glory days playing football in high school.

Nate sets up to con her by letting her think that he has called for a vote immediately. She and her assistant scramble to find the money. The assistant runs into trouble caused by Harbison essentially herding him to the one available cash source: The insurance fund.

As Nate is watching the last cheerleading competition the woman tells him that she won and bought the company. She says that he shouldn’t have underestimated her. He tells her that he didn’t as her phone rings. Her assistant is calling to tell her that the FBI is swarming all over the office and tells her where he got the money. Using the insurance money is insurance fraud. As the owner of the company she is then arrested under the RICO act.

The show ends with congress passing the cheerleader protection act as the Leverage team look on and an interesting exchange between Eliot and Nate. Throughout the episode Nate is trying to get Eliot to figure out the hook to a key congressman instead of telling him outright. Nate tells Eliot that he did a good job and Eliot responds by saying that he hopes one day very, very soon Nate tells him what kind of game he’s playing. The viewers hope so as well.

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