Levi Johnston on Bristol Palin as “Sexual-Abstinence Advocate”: “Give Me a Break”

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Levi Johnston released his book “Dear in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin’s Crosshairs,” to an eagerly waiting horde of readers. The details of the book are wittingly written and quite good, believe it or not. Some of the juiciest details about his relationship with Bristol Palin are included in the pages of this tell-all book, as are some details about Sarah Palin and the rest of the family. However, one thing that is delightfully twisted about Levi’s account of his life with the Palins is the way Bristol laughed off making money talking about abstinence!

Levi Johnston isn’t well-liked among supporters of Sarah Palin and family, but maybe some of his words ring true. He isn’t the only person who found it ironic and hilarious that his baby’s mama became a sort of spokesperson for teen abstinence. In fact, he reveals in his book that the daughter of the former Alaskan governor had a big laugh with him about it on at least one occasion.

My babe had now been transformed into a sexual-abstinence advocate,” Levi wrote in his book. “I told her it sounded sexy dirty to me.”

She caught her breath enough to tell me that, when her mom first mentioned this career possibility to her, Bristol asked her what abstinence was. She was just joshing me, making fun. She was collecting piles of money describing the horrors of teen pregnancy and before that, of course, teen sex. Which every single kid Bristol and I knew was engaged in. Give me a break.

So it’s obvious that Bristol Palin is much like her mom, Sarah. They’re after the money and it’s obvious that this whole teen abstinence gig was nothing more than a money-making punchline for the girl. Are these the morals she learned by watching her mother, who couldn’t even stay with her governor job for a full term?

Levi’s book is definitely recommended reading whether you’re a fan of his or not. It might prove insightful, if not entertaining.


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