Levi Johnston Playgirl featuring Ricky Hollywood

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Yep, there’s a Levi Johnston Playgirl buzz going around the internet.  You may have already heard of Levi Johnston’s alter-ego “Ricky Hollywood”.  Apparently it’s a star status moniker he gave himself once he became famous from the whole Sarah and Bristol Palin controversy.  Levi was originally the soon to be son-in-law of Sarah Palin, as he was to marry her daughter Bristol.  The two had a child out of wedlock, but Levi chose not to follow through with that.  Instead he and his family began to denounce the Palins, and according to Sarah’s new book, a lot of what he had to say simply wasn’t consistent.  Palin appeared on Oprah’s afternoon talk show in an exclusive interview, with Levi Johnston aka Ricky Hollywood among one of the final topics covered.

Apparently the Levi Johnston Playgirl pictorial fails to deliver if you’re looking for full frontal nudity from the somewhat famous Ricky Hollywood.  It’s more geared towards hockey moms though.  The shoot involves a hockey stick involved with the 19 year old Levi posing.  His manager Tank Jones said “The shoot was fantastic!”

And that’s where Sarah Palin comes in, as she said she considers Playgirl porn, and that Levi Johnston aka “Ricky Hollywood” is on a really rough path in the wrong direction.  She didn’t rule out an eventual Thanksgiving dinner involving Levi and the Palin family, since he is the father of Bristol’s child, but Palin didn’t exactly say she’d welcome him there this Thanksgiving either.

The Levi Johnston Playgirl magazine will arrive early next year to eager hockey moms everywhere.

More information and story source: Ny Daily News

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