Liam Hemsworth Loves When Miley Cyrus Goes Braless

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Liam Hemsworth is quite happy with Miley Cyrus’ body and if she wants to show a little sideboob while going braless, well he supposedly doesn’t mind. Perhaps when someone looks as good as Miley does, their boyfriends become more proud than jealous… who knows?
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“Liam doesn’t mind it and is not disgusted by it, it’s her style but he definitely is disgusted about the entire vagina reveal. He has taken that pretty hard, but as for the sideboob, he is all for it,” a source tells Hollywood Life. It does seem a little strange that Liam is okay with Miley flaunting some of her private parts all over creation. Sure, sideboob is harmless enough, but what happened to leaving something for the imagination? If your significant other doesn’t care than apparently it doesn’t matter.

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus do support each other in many ways and evidently Liam shows his support for the way his girlfriend wants to dress too. That’s cool. Right?

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