Liam Neeson Pees All Over Himself in Public

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You know, he always seemed so classy. Liam Neeson, who stars in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo–you know, that classy, handsome actor? He was caught peeing all over himself in public earlier this week in Istanbul. And no, it’s not a Turkish custom.

According to a rather hilarious report from, the actor was simply caught off guard. He didn’t intend for what became public knowledge to be a classless act. It seems he left the party he had attended for most of the evening and began relieving himself on the streets of Istanbul.

Unfortunately for Neeson, he was quickly recognized by passersby. Star-struck fans were so excited to see hiLiam Neesonm that they started snapping photos without really knowing what he was doing at the time. The flashes and commotion startled the actor, who then started peeing all over his own pants and shoes. Eeeeewwww.

How embarrassing!Not only for Liam Neeson, but those poor fans must have been a bit humiliated as well. The poor guy just needed to go and they startled his ‘go’ to the point of no return. And the whole thing was caught on film.

It will be very interesting to see in the coming days what tabloids offer to pay these fans for the photos of poor Liam peeing all over himself. There will no doubt be some sicko tabloid publisher putting out a request for closeups.

Is there a lesson to be learned from all of this for Liam Neeson. Oh, there most definitely is. Perhaps the next time he prepares to leave a party, he should first pay a visit to the little boy’s room before venturing out into the night.

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