Liam Payne and Danielle Peazer Break Up

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Liam Payne’s girlfriend Danielle Peazer did the impossible – she managed to make a large number of Directioners like her. So while some 1D fans will be happy to hear that one more member of One Direction is single, others will be extremely sad to learn that Liam and Danielle have decided to break up.

Liam met the backup dancer two years ago during 1D’s X Factor days, and the happy couple has worked hard to prove that they can make their relationship work despite a lot of time apart because of Liam’s busy touring schedule. And even though most 1D fans have been accepting of Danielle, she has gotten her fair share of hate messages, including Twitter death threats.

It seemed like Danielle Peazer was willing to put up with angry, obsessive 1D fans because of her love for Liam Payne, but according to The Sun, death threats are one of the reasons why Danielle has decided to leave Liam.

Here’s what a source said about the couple’s decision to split:

“It was getting impossible to keep it going. They were apart so much and everything that was being said to Danielle on Twitter was getting to her. They both still care for each other and will remain friends, but it all just got too much.”

Danielle has reportedly moved out of the flat that she shares with Liam.

Perhaps the couple’s new living arrangement also has something to do with their decision to break up – they recently moved in together, and perhaps they realized that they just aren’t ready for something so serious. After all, they are still very young.

However, Liam has always seemed like the Kevin Jonas of One Direction – he just comes off as a mature guy who looks forward to settling down with someone special. He’s not a womanizer like Harry Styles or a hard partier like Niall Horan, and he hasn’t sparked any cheating scandals like Zayn Malik.

Unfortunately his breakup could make things a little awkward with Louis Tomlinson since Danielle is friends with Louis’ long-term girlfriend Eleanor Calder. Hopefully the split doesn’t negatively affect the guys’ or girls’ friendships – Danielle will probably need Eleanor to cheer her up while she tries to recover.

Luckily for Liam, he has single lads Harry Styles and Niall Horan to help him learn how to be a bachelor again. And if Liam ever gets lonely, Hazza could probably hook him up with one of his many gorgeous gal pals.

So are you sad about Liam and Danielle’s breakup, or are you glad that one more member of One Direction is single?

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