Liam Payne and the Rest of One Direction Insult Another Boy Band?

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Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan’s biggest One Direction rival seemed to be with fellow, perfectly hair-styled singing cutie, Justin Bieber. But the Biebs and the 1D boys appear to be rather chummy, despite any feuding rumors. However, the British-Irish band does have a problem with another guy group: The Wanted.

”The only thing that’s bad for me about them is actually they were really nice to our faces, but when it came to talking to the media they were really trashy about us,” said Payne of TW, as Entertainmentwise reports. “We’d never done anything wrong, we were just running around doing our thing. We’d never purposely talk trash about anyone and we still haven’t said anything about them now.”

File:One Direction 24.jpgPayne, Tomlinson, Styles, Malik and Horan know that the right “direction” is always the high road; and one that’s not littered with any trash talking. It’s a good lesson they’ve learned early in the fame game and that will serve them well. No one likes a bad-mouther.

But Liam Payne’s “high road” is paved with a few bumps. He struck the Wanted with a few subtle, but smart jabs and pointed punches–but only because T.W. started it! “I don’t think there’s any real competition about us. They sing dance music,” he said, and in so doing, put “dance music” down on the D list. “For me, you just look at Twitter followers, which I think is a big player.” Say no more Mr. Payne… that little social media allusion probably hit a nerve and caused some fame pain. (One Direction has 6,904,243 followers and The Wanted, 1,290,487, according to recent tallies.)

Perhaps Payne is feeling emboldened by his single status after his breakup from girlfriend, Danielle Peazer, and his new rumored tryst with older woman, Leona Lewis. Louis Tomlinson, however, only has nice things to say about another boy band in the making, Union J, currently causing a stir on The X Factor U.K. Hopefully Union J doesn’t start trash-talking 1D, or they may be facing some Payne-ful moments!

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