Liam Payne Injured, ‘Sad’ Over Unsafe Fan Situation

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As Liam Payne and his One Direction bands mates continue to surge in popularity, things like this seem to happen in an ever increasing way. Liam took to Twitter on Saturday (Dec. 8) morning to show off a war wound that makes him both confused and sad.

What exactly happened that has Liam so sad? Well, that is unclear from his Twitter post, but putting two and two together, it seems like a crowd trying to get close to the One Direction members became too dangerous for everyone involved. From the sound of things, the band was pulled back to try to protect them and the crowd. Of course, Liam Payne and the guys came under fire, as if it were their decision to just snub their fans after their performance at the Z100 Jingle Ball in New York City.

Liam tweeted, “I don’t know why people are blaming us for this it’s so sad :( when everyone’s rushing and make it unsafe we get thrown back in our cars.” Payne continued, “That was actually horrible I literally wanted to cry and all those people shouting sh*t at us and we even tried to stop so sh*t.”

Of course, getting thrown into a car and whisked away in a mob scene can cause a little physical damage too… more than make one guy want to cry. Liam posted a picture of a small scratch/bruise on the inside of his elbow. Now he did call it the”#smallestscratchever,” still it sure sounded like Payne was looking for a little sympathy.

Luckily, it seems that a minor scratch was the only injury anyone suffered… though it just goes to show that crazed fans will go to any length to get a piece of these guys!

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