Liam Payne is Concerned!

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What has Liam Payne so concerned? The One Direction star is actually very concerned about ex-girlfriend Danielle Peazer. But why? Was the break-up really that bad?

Actually, Liam is very concerned with the way people may treat Danielle. In a recent interview, Liam admits that though he has tried to keep private stuff, private, people may still go after Danielle trying to get a scoop.

“I’m not so much worried about me – whatever happens I’ll live and deal with it. I’m more concerned about Danielle because I don’t want people harassing her for any reason,” admits Liam Payne in a recent interview.

He went on to talk about how people are attacking her in tabloids and on Twitter as well as paparazzi constantly harassing her at her doorstep. They may have split, but at least he realizes that with dating a “celebrity,” breaking up may actually bring even more attention. Odds are that this attention is much more harmful.

“She doesn’t need that right now… I’ve asked for people to stay away from her as much as possible so she can deal with things.”

So, hopefully One Direction fans will listen to Liam and leave Danielle alone. It is unbelievable how jealous people were mean to her when she was dating Liam, and now she is hearing it because they broke-up. It is a wonder that anyone would want to date a celebrity like Payne in the first place.

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