Liam Payne: Is Danielle Peazer Hiding One Direction Star From Fans?

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One Directions’s Liam Payne may not say much on Twitter these days, but one thing is for sure, he is going to defend girlfriend Danielle Peazer from any sort of criticism.

Following some apparent criticism that Danielle may be control fan access to Liam, the 1D star took to Twitter. Payne tweeted, “Hey everyone just wnated to say danielle isn’t stopping me having photos just trying to get around a bit unoticed fanx :D :)” [sic]

Clearly, Liam Payne wants a little private time away from the cameras, the paparazzi, and constant fan attention. That he is hiding from the public eye a little bit is clearly his own doing, and not Danielle Peazer’s idea.

Still, fans who seem to think that they deserve 24-7-365 access to the guys from One Direction seem to pin a ton of things on the guy’s girl friends. Now to the 1D fans, if Liam Payne wants to “get around a bit unnoticed” he is allowed to. He doesn’t owe them all-access all the time.

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