Liam Payne Is So Mature According to Leona Lewis: They Shared a Dressing Room!

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While Harry Styles is getting cheeky (again) with Taylor Swift, Liam Payne continues to make an impression on another older woman, Leona Lewis. It looks like One Direction may have two cougar-chasers instead of just one! Payne and Lewis’ potential love story just got hotter, too, with news that they spent some time together during the BBC Children in Need program on Nov. 16. Add to that the songstress’ own admission that the 1D boy is so mature for his age, and the chances look good for a Liona romance.

File:Liam Payne Glasgow 5.jpg“Liam and Leona shared a dressing room on Friday night,” a TV source told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper, as Daily Mail reports. “Crew were told in no uncertain terms they should not be disturbed for a full hour after the performance,” the insider added, obviously raising the scandalous stakes of his or her story with a bit of romantic intrigue.

It does sound like things are getting a bit more serious between both of these X Factor stars—that is, if this so-called source delivered reliable information. Who knows what happened behind those closed dressing room doors, but whatever it was, it may have confirmed in the 27-year-old Lewis’ mind that Payne, 19, is definitely not too young for her.

Leona Lewis actually didn’t mind sharing her lofty opinion of Liam Payne’s maturity during a recent interview with LOOK magazine, where she downplayed their age gap: “I think people would be surprised by how mature he is—he’s very grown up. We talk about our work. He understands, as he’s in the same position. It’s strange in this industry—you have to grow up fast.” According to Sugarscape, Lewis also boldly added, “Liam is my type. He’s cute and really sweet.”

Well, it certainly sounds like Liona may be the next big item to hit the Hollywood couple scene. But Payne may have to first stop supposedly playing the field and kissing random girls, as the rumors have pegged him as doing since his split from Danielle Peazer.

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