Liam Payne Shows Off Yet Another Mystery Quote Tattoo on Twitter: Turning Into Harry Styles?

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One Direction’s Liam Payne has waxed philosophical again; he’s sporting yet another new quote tattoo, which he showed off on Twitter—this time the ink is on his wrist. With a lucky three new pieces of body art (a screw on his ankle and a quote on his forearm are also part of the mix), Payne is catching up quickly to his heavily tattooed band mate bad-boys Harry Styles and Zayn Malik. But the real meaning behind his wrist word play is just as enigmatic as the sentence scrawled on his arm.

File:Liam Payne Sydney Australia.jpgPayne recently tweeted a photo of tattoo artist Steve Richardson, who works at Skunx Tattoo in London, in action, branding him with this little excerpt: “Only time will tell…” But what does it mean? Only time will tell… if he’ll be together with Leona Lewis. Only time will tell if… 1D stays at the top of the charts and doesn’t break up. Well, only Payne and the rest of the 1D boys probably really know why that phrase is significant enough to put on his body forever. On his other wrist, perhaps he should complement this phrase with “Hindsight is always 20/20.” Hopefully, he won’t regret any of this ink in the future!

As for that forearm tattoo, which Payne just lately debuted at a London nightclub, it reads something to the effect of “Everything I Wanted But Nothing I’ll…” with the last word or words still unknown, as they were covered by his jacket sleeve.

Liam Payne is getting deep!

The singer did recently split from his longtime girlfriend, Danielle Peazer, so maybe that experience is wrapped up into his mystery quotes, as well. If not, the breakup seemed to at least trigger Payne’s more wild, adventurous side; he’s shaved his head, cougar-crushed on Lewis and has spent some serious time in the tattoo parlor ever since.

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