Liam Payne Struggles with Being Across the Sea from Danielle Peazer

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Liam Payne and the rest of the One Direction crew has only been in the United States for just over a week, but homesickness is already taking its toll. It’s pretty much the same for them across the sea as it is in Britain. They can’t leave their hotel rooms without being mobbed by fans, and teenage girls continue to pine for the boys.

The thing that is different is the virtually overnight celebrities are far from the people they love, and Liam is feeling the separation from dancer girlfriend Danielle Peazer intensely. Liam and Danielle have been going strong since they met on The X Factor in 2010, and they aren’t shy about showing their feelings for each other.

They took to Twitter to leave loving notes for each other. Liam tweeted, “@DaniellePeazer wish you were awake :( miss you.” When Danielle woke up and saw the message, she replied, “@Real_Liam_Payne sorry, call me when u wake up. Miss u babe, not long now :).” It just goes to show that romance is alive and well even on social networking, and it’s good to see that One Direction fans haven’t run Danielle off of Twitter.

The U.S. tour will come to a close June 30th, so it really won’t be too long until Liam Payne and Danielle Peazer are reunited. In the meantime, Liam is trying to put away his homesickness enough to enjoy the states. “I do really like america its just a shame I have to miss home whilst I’m here,” he said.

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