Liar! Bethenny Frankel’s ‘Lost at Sea’ Tale a Sham!

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Bethenny Frankel has some serious explaining to do! The Real Housewives of New York star’s story of being “lost at sea” and then rescued is now starting to take on some serious water. Now, it looks like everything was a sham and that she lied about the entire thing.

Tim Russell, the man that actually rescued Bethenny Frankel, whistles a different tune than what she told Ellen DeGeneres. Apparently she claimed in her story that she was lost without a GPS to help tell her where she was.

Tim says that when the therapist called him, he was able to give him exact GPS coordinates and said that the entire group on the boat. The therapist insisted that Russell come out to help, when all they really needed was a tow.

Russell gets out there, and low and behold, they were fine, the boat was fine, and they were able to get back into port without the aid of towing and with a GPS that worked just fine.

Yikes… what a liar Bethenny Frankel is. Of course, Bravo is to blame, too. She claims to have given Russell a $2,800 tip (didn’t happen), and camera crews staged filming Bethenny getting off the boat and kissing the dock. Fake and fake. Is there anything that actually was real about the event?

So much for the awesome story (fib) that Bethenny Frankel told Ellen about being stranded at sea for 21 hours. Liar, liar, pants on fire!

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