Liberty Ross Leaving Rupert Sanders Behind

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Liberty Ross is reportedly leaving Rupert Sanders and heading back to the UK. The scorned wife has sought out the services of a divorce attorney following the revelation Rupert cheated on her with the much younger, Kristen Stewart.

According to reports, Liberty and Rupert have already begun to talk divorce, despite the philandering husband’s public apology to his wife. Do not expect to see a nasty court battle between the two. A source reveals, “Liberty plans to mediate this out of court in a swift and efficient way, for the sake of her children.” Once the entire mess is behind her, Liberty is ready to leave her cheating husband in the US. “She has made it clear that she wants to move back to the UK with her children,” reports an insider.

It is understandable she would want to leave L.A. and the bad memories. The source explains, “She only moved to the States to support Rupert and his career. She has no strong ties in the US nor does she want to remain here.” Rupert will be free to pursue his career and any young starlets with his wife and kids out of the country.

Liberty Ross is still hoping her children will see their father, but there is nothing to keep her away from the land and people she loves. Will Rupert follow her and his kids or will he try to salvage his reputation and career in Hollywood?

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