Liberty University Fires Back after Bill Maher Targets Credibility

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Liberty University students and staff aren’t very happy with the way Bill Maher poked fun at their educations in one of his recent show segments. He referred to it as being “not a real school,” which is the opinion he and many other free-thinkers share because of the religious curriculum. Naturally the creationists from this school are huffing-and-puffing over someone else’s opinion.

This is what Bill Maher said in regards to Mitt Romney speaking at the establishment:

“You can’t expect me to believe anything Mitt Romney said at Liberty University because A – he’s a liar, and B- Liberty University isn’t really a university.”

Not only was this a hilarious line, it was offensive, which brings it full circle back to its own hilarity. It’s a genius formula that has stood throughout time. Offensive humor is the gift that keeps on giving. Anyway, some students feel that simply because this is an accredited institution it’s a “real university,” and is therefore “good enough.”

Well that’s nonsense.

Sure it’s a regionally accredited institution, and it’s also accredited by different agencies for their nursing program and others. However, Liberty U. is still little more than Hogwarts with a few degree programs that deviate from the creationist tripe that is steeped throughout the school’s foundation. That doesn’t truly mean that someone who graduates from this school is any worse than someone who didn’t, but it also isn’t like Liberty U. calls itself something other than an “accredited liberal arts institution.” Now if this place touted that it was a “science” school, there would be a problem, right?

Oh wait. Chancellor Falwell Jr. stated that Liberty teaches evolution as well as creationism. Well that’s interesting. Considering creationism, at its core, is anti-science, it’s strange that a Christian-based college would even consider teaching evolution.

Which still draws to question why an anti-science based school would even bother teaching science. Also, would you trust someone with a “science degree” from a “Christian college?” People as intelligent as Bill Maher wouldn’t, and he’s no idiot.

As for the “truth” of attending Liberty U. It appears that this site rates it a B in education and a B+ in competition and collaboration. The number of negative reviews estimate to 67 and the positive reviews estimate at 75. It’s practically split down the middle.

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