Libyan Terrorist al-Megrahi Found Alive in Tripoli

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With the full support of NATO and the free world, Libyan rebels have gained the upper hand against Moammar Gadhafi and his loyalists; but as government decision-making is set to begin, the rebels are off to a rocky start.

Abdel Basset al-Megrahi, convicted terrorist, is still alive at home in Libya. Though freed two years ago so that he could die in peace at home, he has been seen by neighbors out and about, usually in a wheelchair. His health has clearly declined, but al-Megrahi, convicted of killing 270 innocent people aboard Pan Am 103, is alive and free today.

This past weekend, CNN’s Nic Robertson found al-Megrahi’s villa in Tripoli and managed to gain entrance after scaling its walls and getting the attention of someone within the villa. Robertson was allowed to interview the bomber’s son, as well as record images of the “comatose” terrorist with his mother by his side.

His family claims that his health has deteriorated to the point that he might die any day, and if the new government in Libya decides to extradite him back to Scotland, then he will surely die immediately. Despite the urging of the United States to send him back, as New York Senator Charles Schumer voices, “A new Libya can send a strong statement to the world by declaring it will no longer be a haven for this convicted terrorist”, the transitional rebel government has thus indicated that it will not hand over al-Megrahi.

What is interesting about CNN’s video of al-Megrahi lying on his “deathbed”, purportedly in a coma, is that when the mother leans toward her son, his right hand moves. Could it be a spasm which caused the flinch, or a miracle, or a simple deception?

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