Life Sentence for Father Who Starved Son to Death

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The man who starved his 10-year-old son to death will spend his life paying for the crime. Aaron Ramsey was convicted of killing his son, Johnathan, by starving him, then stuffing him in a sleeping bag and hid his remains in a rural area of Dallas County, Texas. His body was discovered last year in a creek.

Tragic: Elizabeth Ramsey, Jonathan's mother, is also facing charges in the death of the beautiful boy, pictured left and rightApparently, Ramsey kept his son locked in his bedroom, feeding him only bread and water for months. Occasionally, he would also get milk. How could someone treat their own child this way? Father of the Year here claimed that he put his son on “military rations” due to his bad behavior, specifically an event in which he claims Johnathan punched his stepmother in the stomach, causing a miscarriage. Sounds like that family was in desperate need of some therapy. There would definitely be some unresolved anger for that.

However, why didn’t Aaron Ramsey send his son to live with his mother in New Mexico? She has custody of the couple’s other son. And anyone can see that his “punishment” was child abuse. One of the saddest facts is that no one reported Johnathan’s disappearance to the police for nearly a year. Most people believed that he was already with his mother, who had no idea there were any problems.

It’s a tragedy when a parent kills their child. How could you live with yourself? This “father” will have the rest of his life to think about his son’s last moments, as he sits in prison for his death. His wife, Elizabeth, is also facing charges. Some people were just not cut out to be parents.

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