‘Life’s a Tripp’ Recap: Cabin Fever and New Beginnings

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This week on Life’s a Tripp, Bristol’s dad, Todd, is still on the Iron Dog challenge and the family is waiting anxiously until he gets back safe and sound. Willow tells her sister that she is thinking about her future and that she wants to eventually own a salon. She is thinking of heading to a school in Arizona. She tells Andy about her plans but he didn’t seem too interested and thinks she should just stay in Alaska.

Willow and Andy head to Anchorage to have dinner with friends. They end up getting into a major fight with each other after some name calling. Now Willow says she never wants to talk to him again. Willow and her friend Bethany head to Trendsetters hair salon to talk to the owner about hair school. They get a tour of the place and Willow got to practice on a mannequin. She admits that she has not really worked on hair before other than her own.

Gino and Bristol are alone for the day without Tripp and they start talking about weddings.Bristol Palin They both admit that if it is meant to be, then it will happen. They pick Tripp up from her mom and the three of them head to the cabin to spend time together. Bristol says that she and Gino don’t have a normal dating life so they try to get some alone time once in a while. The boys play in the snow before they leave but first, Tripp has a little bit of a meltdown. Just a typical toddler. They head out to Fairbank to watch Todd cross the finish line.

The whole family is waiting for him to arrive. Unfortunately, he had problems with his machine and didn’t win the race, but he is home safe and everyone is happy to have him back home.

Willow and Andy meet up to talk about their fight. Andy apologizes to her but she thinks he is not being sincere about it. She says that it is time for them to go their separate ways.

Gino wants Bristol to buy some property together but Bristol doesn’t want to. She wants to wait until there is more of a commitment with them before they dive into something like that. Sarah comes by for a visit with her girls. They talk about Willow’s desire to go to cosmetology school. Both Sarah and Bristol tell her that she needs to learn better social skills to be a hair dresser.

The girls head to Phoenix with Tripp to check out the school there. While they are relaxing, Tripp gets mad at them and says the “F” word. The girls try not to laugh but Bristol is surprised by it. It looks like Bristol needs to nip that in the bud quickly.

The tour through the school is impressive, according to Willow. She loves it! The head of the school talks to her about communication skills. Bristol says that is what she needs to work on the most. Bristol has a house in Arizona that she bought with her Dancing with the Stars money. She decided to sell it and is finalizing the sale while she is in town.

Back in Alaska, Willow tells Andy she has made up her mind to go to school in Arizona. He thinks that she is choosing school over him. It looks like their relationship is put to the test. Bristol takes her sister to the airport. Bristol admits that she will miss her and really hopes that she doesn’t change while she is there.

Bristol and Tripp are finally moving into their new home that was just built for them. It’s a new beginning for both Bristol and Willow as they set out on new adventures in their lives.

Find out what happens next on Life’s a Tripp Tuesdays on Lifetime.

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