‘Life’s a Tripp’ Recap: Valen-Times and Reindeer Games

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This week on Life’s a Tripp, it’s all about spending Valentine’s Day with the ones you love and finding ways to face your fears that Bristol learns along the way.

Bristol is planning on doing something special for her boyfriend Gino, but Willow says that she doesn’t want to invite Andy over. Bristol tries to talk her into it. He spoils her but Willow doesn’t think of him as a boyfriend, just a special friend. However, she gives in and invites him anyway.

Gino comes up with a gift for Bristol; cutting some trees down that she has been bugging him about. His friends tease him that he should be buying her some chocolate. But he insists that she is not materialistic and will love this. Although, he is hoping that he is not cutting the wrong tree down or it will ruin their Valentine’s Day.

He invites Bristol to come over to watch. He must know her quite well because she keptAnchorage thanking him for doing it. He tells her that now she can watch the beautiful Alaskan sunsets. How romantic! Later, the girls are in the kitchen cooking a big dinner for the guys. The food consists of chicken and chocolate covered strawberries. They end up in an argument with Willow leaving her to cook the entire dinner. Andy shows up first as Bristol is finishing the meal. She tells him what happened and he is clearly disappointed that Willow left. Gino shows up but Andy leaves since Willow isn’t there. He goes home to spend Valentine’s Day with his mom. You have to feel sorry for the guy! Bristol and Gino have a romantic dinner. Well, about as romantic as it can get with a 3-year-old little boy at the table with them.

The next day, Gino and Andy meet together as they discuss Willow. Gino tells his friend that he lets her get away with her attitude and maybe that is why she does it. Good point. Willow doesn’t seem to think she did anything wrong, as she tells her sister. That night, Gino lights the cut-down tress up to make a bonfire for their friends to enjoy. Overall, it was a good Valentine’s Day for Bristol and Gino.

On the second part of the show, Gino takes Tripp snowmobiling. He is trying to get him used to being on it because Bristol wants Tripp to ride by himself in the Iron Pup competition. Her whole family has been in it when they were young so she wants her son to continue the tradition. Unfortunately, Tripp refuses to ride alone. Gino tells Bristol that he is only three and he may not be ready just yet. She is not convinced.

Bob Lester, a radio personality and a friend of the Palin family calls Bristol to ask her to be part of the ‘running of the reindeer’ event which is a huge thing in Alaska. Bristol admits that she is terrified of the creatures. Later on the radio, Bristol talks about this. Gino says that he will run with them instead of her. Bob does ask Bristol about her charity which is her work with teen pregnancy prevention. He also asks about Levi. Bristol tells him that she has no idea what he is up to.

Gino takes Tripp out again on the snow machine. Tripp ends up riding it by himself so they call his mom to tell her the great news. She is proud of him and is relieved that he will be ready to enter the Iron Pup. Todd Palin, Bristol’s dad, has been racing for a long time. Part of the event is spending six days in the wilderness and Bristol admits that she gets nervous every year about her dad taking part in this. Tripp is all signed up for the Iron Pup. Andy will be riding with him for a little help. Unfortunately, Tripp starts crying at the start of it so they are forced to take him out of the race. Bristol is highly disappointed, but at least he tried.

Next up is the ‘running of the reindeer’ event. Bristol faces her fear of the animals and ends up participating in the run with Gino by her side. It was a strange event, just like running with the bulls, but she made it through and was glad she did it. Later, Bristol and Gino take Tripp on a helicopter ride over the Alaskan wilderness. She talks about facing their fears and overcoming them. Maybe next year will be Tripp’s time to overcome his.

Stay tuned for another episode of Life’s a Tripp next Tuesday at 11pm on Lifetime.

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