‘Life’s a Tripp': The Bet and The Ring Bear-er

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This week on Life’s a Tripp, Bristol will be spending time with her friend Marissa and her daughter Arianna. They were friends in high school and she is also the girl who was with Bristol when she had that confrontation at the bar about her mother.

The girls talk about Gino and how Tripp loves him. Bristol tells Marissa about the breakup in Seattle. They are planning a camping trip with some other friends and she wants to invite Gino along because it wouldn’t be the same without him.

Willow is visiting from Arizona and wants to Bristol Palinrent a room in her sister’s house. They discuss rent payment and Gino. Everyone knows that Willow does not like Bristol’s relationship with him and she is vocal about it. She makes a bet with Bristol that during the camping trip, that the couple can’t stop fighting for 10 minutes. Bristol tells her that if they do fight, she will not have to pay rent for two months. Willow is certain that she will win since they fight all the time.

Bristol wants to help other single moms by making up Mother’s Day gift baskets for the girls at the Heart Reach Center. Bristol and Marissa talk about how they found out they were pregnant. Bristol told her that Willow found her pregnancy test and threatened to tell their parents if she didn’t.

The girls visit the center and talk to the young girls about their single mom experiences. Most of the girls were 17 years old with babies and the daddies were not around to help support them. They all agreed that having sex wasn’t worth it.

Gino is meeting them at the camp site and Bristol is nervous about seeing him for the first time since the breakup. Tripp is excited to see him but Bristol has mixed feelings. They talk…or argue as Willow sees it…and they both realize that they made mistakes and they need each other. But who won the bet? It looks like they are both Bristol and Willow are sore losers.

Gino wants to take Tripp fishing but before he leaves, he gives Bristol a brochure on rings. She is not sure if it’s a promise ring or engagement ring. Bristol tells the girls that she wants to buy Gino a dog because he has always wanted one.

Gino heads to the ring shop to get a promise ring. He picks out a petite design that he thinks Bristol would like. Later, Gino asks Willow to meet him for coffee to talk about their relationship. Willow tells him that they shouldn’t be together but Gino tells her that he loves her sister and Tripp. She agrees that it’s cool, even though they still don’t get along.

The girls head out to pick up the dog for Gino and he is cute! Gino loves the black pooch and so does Tripp. Gino takes Bristol on a river adventure in Alaska. They go out shooting with power rifles on the beach and then decide to go bear baiting, which is legal in Alaska. As they are sitting in the tree waiting, Gino pulls out the promise ring to give to Bristol. She is excited as they promise to someday get married. Will this couple keep their promise to each other? Back at home, Bristol and Gino are happy with the way things are going for them and Tripp. With the addition of the new puppy, it looks like this will be a continuing relationship for them.

In addition to Life’s a Tripp, Bristol has just been announced as one of the celebrities on the all-star edition of Dancing with the Stars. Will you be watching to see how see she does this time?

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