Lightning Strikes Tree Where Caylee Anthony’s Remains Found

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Lightning strikes a pine tree where little Caylee Anthony’s body was found just hours after the judge decides that Casey Anthony will go free next Wednesday. The eerie event and the timing have many wondering if the angels are angry over the sentencing. Or, was it all just a coincidence?

As much of the world still tries to come to terms with how a woman who lied to the police goes free on the more serious counts of murder and child abuse, a tree near the site where young Caylee Anthony was found was struck by lightning. That alone isn’t terribly odd seeing as trees do get struck all the time. However, what is particularly interesting is that the tree was hit just hours after the judge decided that Casey was going to be a free woman on July 13.

Of course, since many are looking for answers why Casey is being allowed to go free when they think she’s guilty as sin, a sign like a tree getting hit within this time frame makes many wonder if the angels, too, aren’t angry at this miscarriage of justice.

For some, this is exactly what it means.

“God has spoken. Casey’s guilty,” said Nicole Perez. Another said the storm, the rain, everything indicated that someone above was not happy with the outcome of the trial.

“It could be a sign from the angels that they aren’t happy with what’s happened,” Keyla Lugo said. She continued “It’s a sad day for Orlando, for Caylee and for justice. The rain, the lightning, the storm—it’s the heavens indicating they aren’t happy.”

If this is true, the heavens can join many here on Earth in their dismay that Casey is going free. While we will likely never know if the strike is an indication of what the heavens feel about the verdict, we do know that the majority of those that feel Casey is guilty are looking for some sign that karma will do what the justice system was unable to do. If that means hoping that the angels and God are angry, then so be it.

The tree did sustain some damage from the fateful strike; however, it did not catch fire at all. It’s marked, just as many feel that Casey is a marked woman now.

Coincidence or not? What do you think? Weigh in below.

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