Lil Boosie and Webbie Beef: Are Rappers at War?

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Lil Boosie and Webbie have always been as close as can get, but lately people seem to think there is some sort of beef between the two rappers from Louisiana. In every interview that Boosie’s cousin does, the question comes up. Why? 

Well, it’s not exactly clear why but what is clear is that it’s not true. There’s no bad blood between the two rappers…at least not that anyone knows of.

“IN EVERY “INTERVIEW” ITS ALWAYS ASKED-> IS “BOOSIE & @OfficialWebbie “BEEFIN'”…”HELL NO!!!! “THEY GREW UP IN THIS S–T TOGETHER!!!! #GS–T,” Boosie’s cousin, Donkey tweeted.

It’s kind of strange that every interviewer asks Donkey that question. It’s as if they aren’t really interested in him or his music but more interested in finding out the latest dirt on Lil Boosie.

Do you think that there is something going on between Boosie and Webbie? Are they arguing or are they still close as ever?

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