Lil Boosie dead or alive? Rap star in prison awaiting murder trial

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NEW YORK - JANUARY 23: Lil Boosie appears onstage during a taping of MTV's Sucker Free at MTV studios in Times Square on January 23, 2007 in New York City. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

Lil Boosie dead rumors have hit the internet late Tuesday afternoon.  This comes less than a week after the rap star was indicted for charges of murder stemming from a 2009 shooting.  He was already in jail for weapons and drug possession charges before the latest indictment was handed out.  So was Lil Boosie killed while in prison?  So far it appears Boosie has not died and any death rumors are misinformed gossip.

Boosie remains in prison awaiting his court trial for the murder charge.  There’s no indication anywhere that Boosie is dead.  His music career may have died, although there have been other rappers who recorded material from behind bars.  Some even recorded mixtape albums by sending vocals by telephone.

It’s possible that someone mixed up a news report about Lil Boosie.  He could possibly face the death penalty for his latest murder indictment, but as of right now the rap star is alive.  We’ll await to see what his fate is with the October 2009 shooting he has been indicted for murder on.

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