Lil Boosie Free from Murder Charges, Not Prison – Rapper’s Mom and Attorney Comment

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Is rapper Lil Boosie free? As of a day or so ago, he’s cleared from recent charges in a murder case. However, he’s not free from prison for now. Recently, his mother and attorney commented on the trial update in Baton Rouge.

UnbreakableThe good news came after about an hour of jury deliberation, according to’s news report. It brought cheers outside the 19th Judicial Courthouse in Baton Rouge, and an early Mother’s Day gift for Connie Hatch. Her son Torrence was found not guilty of murder. She commented on the verdict, saying:

“All I can do is give the glory to God because I knew he was never guilty. He’s crying and he knew from the beginning he was never guilty.”

Meanwhile, Boosie’s attorney Jason Williams, was equally as ecstatic. He and other members of the defense team hugged Boosie once they learned his verdict. Williams commented:

“This man has been innocent. He’s been innocent this whole time. Fans across the whole world have been praying for this. And, I thank God that justice was swift. I thank God that the truth came out.”

Torrence Hatch, also known as rap star Lil Boosie, was on trial for allegedly hiring another man to kill Terry Boyd. Boyd was shot to death at home in 2009 through a window. However, the jury voted in Boosie’s favor in the court room. This came after the prosecution rested its case following six days of testimony from 27 different witnesses.

So the good news is the rap star is not guilty of murder. However, as noted above this does not make Lil Boosie free. He’ll be spending more time in prion as part of an 8-year term for drug charges. Still, this recent news had to be good for him to hear, as well as his mother, who will hopefully get to see her son on the outside again one day. That certainly is something most mothers never want to hear associated with their sons or daughters.

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