Lil Boosie goes to jail 2009, rapper indicted for murder 2010 (video)

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According to CBS News, rapper Lil Boosie has been indicted for first-degree murder on Thursday in Baton Rouge, LA. The indictment came as a result of the shooting back in October which claimed one man’s life. Currently, fans of the rap star (real name Torrence Hatch) are searching for videos or news of when Lil Boosie goes to jail. According to his wiki page, he’s currently in Dixion Correctional Institute already serving a prison sentence from 2009.


Lil Boosie was not only indicted for the murder, but have also indicted he and his 25-year-old girlfriend on drug-related charges. Torrence Hatch also plead guilty to drug and gun charges back in September of 2009, which he was now serving his four-year sentence for. He could face the death penalty for his latest murder charge.

If you’re keeping track, this is the second Lil rapper to have gone to jail in the past year. Lil Wayne is currently serving a sentence as well for drugs and weapon charges but still appearing on new albums like Drake’s “Thank Me Later” and Eminem’s upcoming “Recovery”. Another Lil rapper, Lil Kim, was previously incarcerated as well, making you wonder why the Lil rappers go to jail more often then Big rappers. Out of the three, Boosie is the least well-known.

Lil Boosie is from Baton Rouge, LA, and first showed up with 2005’s summer hit “Give Me That”, and then the 2007 club anthem “Wipe Me Down”. He’s got five albums with the latest dropping in 2009. He also has six kids, who are fatherless while he serves time for his criminal activities.

As of right now, Terrence Hatch aka “Lil Boosie” has been transported to prison as seen in the news video below. Boosie will now await word on when his trial begins.

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