Lil Boosie Used Hitman Marlo Mike as a ‘Pawn’ Says Judge

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Lil Boosie may be getting off easy in the death of Terry Boyd, but that’s not the case for the alleged hitman that Boosie paid $2,800 to do the job.

Apparently, life in prison without parole is what Michael “Mike Marlo” Louding can expect for the 2009 slaying. Though his lawyers have asked for more time to appeal it, the sentencing is most likely going to stay in place.

However, the sentencing could change how the New Orleans justice system sentences juveniles in the future, said The delay by Louding’s lawyers could lead to the same thin for other juveniles facing dire sentences.

Louding, though, is being described as the “Worst of the worst” who got sucked into Boosie’s circle after a bad childhood.

“He was brought into Boosie’s realm, becomes part of Boosie’s family…He was a pawn,” said Margaret Lagattuta, Louding’s attorney.

Do you agree that Lil Boosie took advantage of Louding? He was only 17 at the time and probably needed the money and thought he’d be seen as cool by Boosie if he pulled off the hit.

So, while Boosie will be released any day now, it looks like Louding is the one who payed the higher price the murder of Terry Boyd.

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