Lil Mouse, Lil Jojo: Chi-Town Rappers Brag About Violence; Jojo Gets Killed

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Lil Mouse may still be alive but Lil Jojo is now deceased. The 16-year-old Chicago rapper, who famously rapped about being part of the gang “BDK” (Black Disciples Kings) was shot 17 times on Tuesday.

Considering that Jojo rapped about violence and filmed a music video which showed him holding two guns (one of which looks like a machine gun) it shouldn’t be surprising that he ended up dead.

In fact, just hours before he was shot, a video emerged of Lil Jojo riding by his rival Lil Reese, who is apparently linked to popular Chi-town rapper Chief Keef. Jojo taunts Lil Reese to which Lil Reese responds, very clearly, saying “I’m gonna kill you”. Obviously, that is what he did. Either that or someone else had it out for Lil Jojo.

After his death, Lil Jojo was ripped apart on Twitter with rivals openly laughing about his death and saying that his twin brother is next and “won’t make it to see the weekend.”

Obviously, there is something wrong in Chicago when you have 13-year-olds like Lil Mouse brandishing weapons and rapping about shooting people and “getting smoked”. Lil Jojo lived that Thug Life so his death should have been expected.

Despite that fact, it’s still sad whenever a young person is killed because they grow up surrounded by violence and drugs and know of nothing else.

While some people in Chicago, Detroit, Compton and other urban areas might say that those who don’t understand the massive influx of violence in these cities are “out of touch”, they should look at themselves, because really who is more out of touch than an adult who allows a 13-year-old to have a gun?

Most people aren’t used to kids with weapons, most people aren’t used to kids selling drugs and shooting people. The ones who are out of touch are the ones who are in this environment and let these things keep happening.

Lil Mouse, Lil Jojo, Lil Reese…even Chief Keef, all of these children and young men are living a life that may seem fun when it’s in a rap song, but more often than not it ends in a violent and bloody death.

Lil Jojo may be the most recent death but he surely won’t be the last. All those boys in his “3hunnak” video, waving their guns and rapping about BDK? Well, they’ll be next unless they can clean up their act.

And for those of you who say it’s too hard for these kids to get out of the hood and get a good education, well then you need to do something about it. Go to your state house, make the authorities listen to you. If no one tries to change things, Chicago and other cities like it are going to keep declining and the next generation will be nothing but a bunch of thugs who won’t get to see their 21st birthday.

Do you really want that for your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and friends?

Photo courtesy of Lil Jojo’s Twitter

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