Lil Mouse Releases New Video Which Looks Like a YMCMB Advert

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Lil Mouse, the 13-year-old Chi-town rapper who brought the world “Get Smoked,” has now dropped another violence saturated video that appears to be inspired by basketball player Dwayne Wade.

Oddly enough, Dwayne or as he is referred to in the video “D. Wade,” grew up in Chicago and worries about all the violence that goes on there currently. It’s doubtful he’d be happy to be named in a hip hop video by one of Chicago’s newest (and youngest) gangsters.

Apparently, Mouse never got the memo or heard of Wade’s World Foundation, which aims to curb violence and inspire children to take a different route.

Once again, Lil Mouse has gone and caused a stir by rapping about guns and killing people. He also refers to specific things on a gun like a “.38″ and “hollow tips,” both of which mean he’s either been around these things or done his research. Since he’s only 13, it’s most likely not the latter.

In addition, the video seems like an advert for YMCMB (Lil Wayne’s label) as there are close up’s of people wearing Lil Wayne’s TruckFit clothing line, Drake’s YOLO clothing line and other YMCMB related gear.

Maybe Lil Mouse is hoping that helping Weezy and Drake promote their business, he’ll land a record deal. He’s already said to be “in talks” with Weezy and he even got a remix of “Get Smoked” on Lil Wayne’s “Dedication 4″ mixtape.

Despite all of this, the fact remains that Mouse is a minor. He’s a seventh grader who can spell more swear words than spelling words and has an intense connection to guns. It’s sad that he thinks rapping about these things is the only way to make it in the world.

Check out his new video on the Chicagoist website and leave your comments below.

Do you think the violence in Chicago has gotten out of hand? What can be done to keep kids away from drugs and violence before it’s too late?

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