Lil’ Wayne and Remy Ma in Nicki Minaj sextape video online?

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Nicki Minaj is one of the newer stars in hip hop music, as part of Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment label. She’s appeared on several songs and a few of Lil’ Wayne’s albums, and in her own music with Massive Attack and Drake. Her TBA untitled album will be coming sometime this year. Now there is speculation that this new rap / R&B star has her own sextape. Fans of the music and entertainment biz are questioning if it’s a Lil’ Wayne and Nicki Minaj sextape download or a Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj sextape video online?

The controversy is that it’s unverified if the person in the sextape is indeed Nicki Minaj, with some believing that it may just be a look-alike. There’s been rumored reports that someone is looking to cash in on having the tape in their possession, trying to sell the sextape video for as much as $100,000.

Back in February of this year, Remy Ma, an incarcerated rap star from Terror Squad, indicated that the rumors of a Nicki Minaj Remy Ma sextape video were completely unfounded and false. She told radio personality Jenny Boom Boom that she and Minaj know each other, but have never got together in that way. Remy Ma is scheduled to be released from the New York prison in 2013, serving 3 years time for being part of a NY shooting.

Meanwhile, Lil’ Wayne is also incarcerated and there’s rumors of a Nicki Minaj Lil Wayne sextape. However, these also appear untrue, as there are several hip hop mixtapes with the two together. They’ve done a number of songs together including “Knockout”, “I Get Crazy” and “Thinkin to Myself”.

Is Nicki Minaj really worth $100,000 fee for an alleged sextape video? Would a sextape of Nicki Minaj really hurt her career? Most likely it will give her even more publicity, just like it’s done for other stars. However, it’s not something I’m particularly interested in at this point. Not really a fan of her music either, although she has added some hot vocals to a few rap tracks here and there. For now the rumors will continue, until someone shows concrete proof of a Remy Ma, Lil Wayne & Nicki “Minaj a twa” sextape video download.

The video below is not a sextape but one of the latest singles from Miss Nicki Minaj – “Massive Attack” featuring Sean Garrett.

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