Lil Wayne, Cash Money Records Lawsuit Settled, but Weezy Needs Some Help!

The latest Lil Wayne lawsuit is now settled. The rapper agreed to settle with a former producer over a track on Tha Carter III. Apparently, the producer, David Kirkwood, sued Weezy, Cash Money Records and Young Money Entertainment for $1.5 million over royalties on the song “Love Me or Hate Me.”

And this latest lawsuit is just one of several involving YMCMB. Hopefully everything gets straightened out, but really, someone’s got to get this money situation under control.

Weezy should know the drill by now. Last month, he agreed to an (undisclosed) settlement with yet another producer who sued him for $20 million! Producer Darius “Deezle” Harrison sued Lil Wayne over royalties involving two songs: “Lollipop” and “Mrs. Officer.”

At this point, Lil Wayne’s probably paying out a ton of cash to make these lawsuits go away. Here’s the thing: Somebody really needs to keep better track of all this stuff, and it shouldn’t be Weezy. Surely Cash Money/Young Money has a person on the payroll who can make sure that everyone who is owed royalties gets them, right?

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