Lil’ Wayne Concert Tour–No Alcohol Backstage

Lil’ Wayne has embarked on his I Am Still Music Tour, and his tour managers have embarked on a new means of keeping the rapper sober. A completely dry backstage area will be enforced throughout the duration of the tour.

According to a report from TMZ, a rep for the I Am Still Music Tour explains the specifics of what will go on backstage.

He says that the tour managers are determined to keep “a dry backstage as we are committed to keeping a safe and professional atmosphere to ensure a smoothly running tour.” The audience will be able to drink, however, as alcohol won’t be prevented from being sold by the concert venues. That’s probably a really good thing, too, since a good many of the people attending these concerts will undoubtedly want to drink.

Lil’ Wayne has a history of drug abuse and alcoholism. He is reportedly committed to his sobriety at this time, however. Of course he has been mandated to do so by a judge, as a part of his 3-year probation. The probation stems from an incident in 2008, when drugs were found on board the tour bus.

Even Lil’ Wayne’s personal tour bus is under the 100% alcohol-free protocol. Why is it, though, that no mention is made about it also being drug-free? Hmmmm.

Hopefully these precautions work–not just for the 3 years that the rapper is on probation, but for his lifetime. If he can lick his addictions to drugs and alcohol now, he will certainly have a longer and more prosperous career–not to mention a longer and healthier life.

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