Lil Wayne Disses Civil Rights Movement, Angers Politicians

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Lil Wayne, CEO of YMCMB, is always causing some sort of controversy. If he’s not accusing reporters of pushing him or getting kicked out of the Miami Heat game, he’s making waves with his lyrics.

Apparently a new song that Weezy is featured on—and one that hasn’t yet been released but is circulating online—is causing quite a stir because it seems to diss a civil rights leader who was beaten and killed.

Emmett Till was brutally murdered when he was 14 years old in 1955. His death helped to start the civil rights movement.

Wayne obviously didn’t care one bit about the death of Till when he rapped some rather vulgar and mean lyrics. Here’s what he said on a track called “Karate Chop”:

“Pop a lot of pain pills

‘Bout to put rims on my skateboard wheels

Beat that p—- up like Emmett Till.”

Obviously, those lyrics were uncalled for and Till’s family was hurt by them. Luckily, LA Reid heard about the bad choice of words and pulled the song before it could cause any more problems.

Lil Wayne has not yet said anything about the issue, though there is no doubt that he hasn’t heard about it.

Are you shocked that Weezy could be so cruel as to diss one of the people who fought for the rights of the future generation? Why would he do such a thing? Does he just not care?

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