Lil Wayne of YMCMB Has a Mullet: What Happened to Weezy?!

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Lil Wayne, the CEO of YMCMB, and one of the most successful rappers of all time, has apparently lost his sense of style. He started going downwards after he decided he wanted to be a skater and dress like one, but now he’s really lost it.

Apparently, Weezy has decided to chop off his dreads—which are like his signature style!—but he didn’t chop them all the way off. No, instead he left them long in the back and in the front he’s sporting a mini afro.

It’s definitely a weird look and hard to describe. Media Take Out has photos of Weezy’s new look, which is either going to be a hit or a miss with his fans.

It seems like Lil Wayne has had his dreads for so long that seeing him with another style seems strange. But, at the end of the day, it’s his prerogative. He can do what he wants and as long as he’s happy no one else should care.

What do you think of Weezy’s new style? Is he rocking it?

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