Lil Wayne Says He Loves Skateboarding Too Much, Says Music Is in Trouble

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Lil Wayne’s new found love is taking over his life.

The Young Money CEO has recently been publicizing his love for a new sport, skateboarding. He’s been seen at numerous places with a skateboard and has even stated that he’s been putting hours and hours into perfecting his craft. Well now it looks like it’s taking over his life.

His new mixtape, “Dedication 4,” even has him on the cover as a cartoon character, holding a skateboard with the title of the mixtape on it. Wayne recently spoke in an interview by saying the following: “I don’t know. It’s just something about conquering the whole idea of something difficult as riding a skateboard. That’s what so great about skating to me. It’s about challenge. It’s about a physical challenge and mental. It’s about a challenge in front of you that you actually say to yourself, ‘This can’t be done. It can’t be done by me.’ I really found a second love. And music is in trouble. Because I’m in love with this skateboarding shit.”

Even though Wayne has found a new love in Skateboarding, he has put in some work on this mixtape. It is co-produced by DJ Drama and will feature Wayne remixing some of the hottest singles. Recently, he released his version of 2 Chainz’s number one hit featuring Drake called “No Lie.” Nicki Minaj also confirmed that she will be on the mixtape. You can figure that Wayne will also try and get his fellow Young Money artists such as Drake and Tyga to drop a verse as well.

Wayne figures to drop this mixtape as a last hurrah for his fans because he has not hinted at any clues about him working on a new album, which would be his 11th. Wayne seems to be perfectly content growing his other Young Money artists such as Drake and Nicki Minaj, and prefers to fade away from the music scene quietly to dedicate more time to skateboarding.

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