Lil Wayne shaved head for jail photo from 2009 – 2010

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Back on March 8th, rap star Lil Wayne was finally given his sentence of up to a year in prison due to a weapons charge he received in 2007.  It’s been reported that with good behavior during his term, “Weezy” could be out in as little as eight months.  Wayne, real name Dwayne Carter, will very likely need to get himself a haircut to remove his dreadlocks before serving his prison time.  Back in October of 2009 speculation started up about what an imprisoned Lil’ Wayne would look like. The Lil’ Wayne shaved head photo from 2009 (at left) was published on online gossip website MediaTakeOut to reflect what the rapper would look like if he had to get rid of his current hairstyle.

The reason for Lil Wayne getting a shaved head would be due to New York State Law.  It requires inmates to have hair that “can’t exceed the ‘natural hairline’ in length.  Cornrows are acceptable for male inmates, but Wayne’s current dreadlocks wouldn’t pass the requirement.  He wouldn’t be the first famous bald rap star as many others have paved the way including Gang Starr’s Guru and legendary rapper Rakim.

So now the Lil’ Wayne shaved head pictures are back among the top searches on the internet with Wayne serving his prison term. Wayne first pleaded guilty to his attempted gun possession charge back on October 22, 2009.  There had been several attempts to get Wayne’s sentencing done, but it was postponed at least twice due to Wayne needing to get dental work, and then a fire at the courthouse.

The clean shaven look for Lil Wayne is quite a change for the Grammy award-winning rap star.  What do you think of Wayne’s possible bald-head look?

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