Lil Wayne, YMCMB At War With Chief Keef And GBE? Things Got Heated In MIA

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Lil Wayne and YMCMB might have a new beef with a very dangerous Chicago crew. According to reports, Weezy and Chief Keef aren’t on the best of terms and as a result, things got heated between Weezy’s YMCMB and Chief’s GBE crew in Miami recently.

Reports are emerging that Wayne and YMCMB were in club Dream in Miami recently when Chief Keef’s GBE crew showed up. Ever since Chief Keef called Weezy “gay” things have been a little tense between the two rap crews but they never really progressed past words — until now.

Someone in Chief’s crew threw a bucket of ice at Mack Maine in the VIP area of the club but before it could get ugly, security broke up the melee. That was a good thing because it’s obvious that Chief Keef and his crew have no care for life. They’re a dangerous bunch and will do what they want, when they want, no matter what the consequences.

“For a second, it looked like it was about to be a problem. But [Chief Keef’s] GBE boys left and everyone continued like nothing happened,” said a source.

One of Chief Keef’s affiliates tweeted in reference to the confrontation, saying:

“Gave Mac Maine that GBE business @ CLUB DREAM in MIA rite in front of STUNNA fa tryna tweak with him. <s>#</s>GBE.” That tweet is now deleted.

Do you think this is the end of it or will it escalate from here? Is Lil Wayne going to let himself be involved in another beef?

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