LiLo Tried to Sell SCRAM Pics

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Lindsay Lohan reportedly tried to sell exclusive photographs of herself wearing her newly-reattached SCRAM bracelet.

Lohan had the SCRAM device put back on her ankle as a condition of her bail, after Attorney Shawn Chapman Holley, managed to secure her release from jail following a failed drug test.

Lindsay reportedly attempted to capitalize on the restriction by asking for a $10,000 fee in exchange for a chance for paparazzi to take pictures of her wearing the SCRAM ankle bracelet. The top “paps” passed on the offer, so Lohan ended up selling the photo shoot to a smaller outlet with a smaller budget.

It seems clear from Lindsay Lohan’s attempt to sell photos of the SCRAM bracelet on her ankle that she is not taking her legal and personal issues seriously.

Lohan is profiting from her drug problem. Her behavior is crass, immature, and unrealistic compared with the real struggles of others battling addictions. How many other “normal” people with addictions end up garnering great money and success by not getting clean?

Lindsay Lohan’s behavior is a slap in the face for those people who are struggling with their own addictions or the addictions of their loved ones. Perhaps Lohan should donate the money to someone who actually wants to get better, but can’t afford the help Lindsay keeps finding ways out of getting.

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