Limbaugh on President Obama’s Mystery Social Security Number

For several years, there’s been a question about the validity of President Obama’s Social Security number. It isn’t mentioned very often because it is usually associated with the question of Obama’s eligibility to be president and the people who believe he isn’t eligible, aka ‘birthers’. The Rush Limbaugh Show brought up the issue on Monday. While speaking to a caller named ‘Rob’, Limbaugh asked, “What are your thoughts on the fact Obama’s Social Security number is from Connecticut and he’s never been there?”

Former presidential candidate and ambassador in Ronald Reagan’s administration, Alan Keyes believes that Obama’s “possibly criminal use of a Connecticut-based Social Security number should become an important issue in his quest for re-election in 2012″. The story claims that President Obama’s Social Security number starts with the number 042 which means the person issued the number had a Connecticut address. Obama has never lived in that state.

The caller told Limbaugh that he felt the SSN was another ‘red flag’ in the president’s history. He mentioned the sealing of Obama’s college papers and also mentioned his birth certificate. Limbaugh countered that the president had released his birth certificate. The caller stressed what most ‘birthers’ believe, that an actual, physical copy has never been released. Several experts have stated that the certificate released by the White House is a fake. However, Snopes has declared it authentic.

The mention of the SSN issue on The Rush Limbaugh Show is notable because very few major media outlets mention the topic. Dr. Alan Keyes discusses the SSN mystery below:

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