Lime Pepper Chicken Marinade Recipe For the Freezer Video

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Lime Pepper Chicken Marinade Recipe For the Freezer Video

One of the most tender flavorful chicken recipes I have ever cooked!
If the smell of this cooking doesn’t make someone want to eat this one nothing will.
This tender chicken is just out of this world good!  This chicken  recipe has endless possibilities and uses once cooked.  It’s great on salads, sandwiches,  main meals,  in pasta salads and more! 
ENJOY and check out the video at the end……
This is a recipe was created for the busy and thrifty cooks out there!   Also when your going to buy chicken in bulk (lots of it!) and then getting it prepared ahead of time for freezing until ready to use in the future. The lime chicken will tenderize this chicken while it makes a wonderful marinade for chicken flavored for when your ready to use this.  You can also use boneless pork.  This doesn’t work well with fish since the lime juice will start to cook it. You can freeze this up to six months. I have many different recipes to share for you for all the busy thrifty cooks out there. This is so much more economical than buying this prepared in speciality stores.   Click here to view entire recipe

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