Linda Hogan Engaged to 21-year-old Boyfriend

Linda Hogan, 50, has become engaged to her 21-year-old boyfriend, Charlie Hill. Hogan and Hill have been dating for the last two years following Linda’s separation from wrestling phenom, Hulk Hogan

Linda Hogan

Hulk and Linda Hogan had been married for over 20 years before their divorce. Linda’s engagement follows Hulk’s 2009 engagement to his 36-year-old girlfriend, Jennifer McDaniel. Linda’s plans to wed next year on board her new yacht: Alimony. Interesting personal jab at Hulk Hogan, I’m sure.

At 21, Linda Hogan’s boyfriend and soon to be husband is a year younger than Linda’s daughter Brooke and two years older than Linda’s son Nick. It was well known that Brooke Hogan had an especially difficult time adjusting to Linda’s relationship with the much younger Hill but the two are in the process of mending old wounds.

This joyous occasion is marred by the fact that the public personae of all involved are a little kooky. Nevertheless, congratulations to Linda Hogan for getting engaged, even if her engagement was to a kid. At least Hill will be able to legally drink at his own wedding. Then again when it comes to love and emotions… who knows.



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